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March 13, 2020

Agusté S.A.

Agusté: Our Response to COVID-19

A message from Agusté Worldwide, 

The rapid spread of COVID-19 this year is frighting, the impact on our daily lives cannot be understated. Our number one priority at Agusté is the safety and security of our employees, our community and partners. 

Agusté will be encouraging all employees to work from home in the coming weeks, in addition the Agusté Center (Tour de la Agusté) in Montréal will be closed until April 4th and the Monde d’Agusté conglomeration of offices in Paris will be closed until further notice. 

February 16, 2020

Agusté Companies Limited

Saying Goodbye

A message from Hydale-Kitson CEO Bryan Scovell,

When I started TechM four years ago, it was a dream realized. Not only was a doing what I loved, I was working with people loved what they did, the creative energy and drive fostered at TechM can only be described as infatuating. My time at TechM however was short, struggling to develop a title we were truly proud of, TechM ceased operations in September of 2016.

Joined by my amazing friend and co-founder Iliad Shaghaghi, Creative Energy Studios was founded in July of 2017. Later acquired by the Carnsy Software Corporation in August of 2017, I was elected as Chairman of the board and CEO of Carnsy Creative Energy along with COO Iliad Shaghaghi. During my time with the Carnsy Corporation, CMS platform Carnsy One-Touch was launched under the Tenuki brand, striking major success in the small business web market, Tenuki became the focus at CCEE. 

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