365Plus1 Restructuring

Hydale News Room

Adjusting our focus

365Plus1 was designed to create big things with a brand that caters both to our clients and shareholders alike. Over time, we became attached to the 365Plus1 brand and the fun, innovative image it stood for. After due consideration, Hydale-Kitson has decided to provide the 365Plus1 Group with a new focus on client relationships and accessibility. 

The 365Plus1 Group will be renamed 365Plus1 Technologies to reflect the ongoing change from corporate relationships to direct client sales. DeveloperBox Software, Inc will be consolidated into 365Plus1 Technologies, functioning as the software development arm. 365Internet will continue to deliver great services in partnership with the DevBox team, maintaining that streamlined process 365Internet is known for. Aloe Interactive will continue as normal under management by 365Plus1 Technologies, with 51% ownership transferring to Hydale-Kitson for better financial support and control. 

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